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Transform this town


We love being able to serve our community of Port St. John! One way we are serving is coming along side our local Elementary schools and Jr./Sr. High School and being a support to the staff and students.

If you are looking for ways to help, whether it be volunteering or donating items please see below what each schools current needs are. You can bring in your items to church on Sunday's or during the week to our church office Mon-Thur 9am-2pm.


Needs for Atlantis Elementary:

Month of May:

  1. Snack size ziplock baggies

  2. Bandaids - regular and large

  3. Cotton Balls

  4. Surgical tape

  5. Calamine lotion

  6. Water Bottles (refillable)

Month of June:

  1. Dry Erase Markers

  2. Sharpies - Black

  3. Chlorox Wipes

Month of July: 

  1. Three prong pocket folders

  2. Composition Notebooks

  3. Headphones

  4. Water Bottles (refillable)


Needs for Enterprise Elementary:

Month of May: 

We are looking for "Space Themed Goodies"

  • Pop Rocks

  • Milky Way Bars

  • Mars Bars

  • Starburst

  • Moon Cheese

  • Moon Pies

  • Sun Chips

  • Orbit Gum

All items will be collected by

Sunday, May 8th 


drop off at church office Mon-Thurs


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Space Coast

We currently have a team of volunteers that go into the Viper Supply Station to help keep sorted and organized.

If interested in helping please contact the church office at 321.631.0183

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